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Anansi de spin en de verjaardagstaart


Anansi de spin en de verjaardagstaart

In 'Anansi the spider and the birthday cake' you go on an adventure with Anansi, the clever spider from numerous West African, Surinamese and Caribbean folk tales. Anansi is very cheerful, it's his birthday! He is eagerly looking forward to the cake that he can collect from the king, like every year. This cake promises to be the biggest and tastiest ever, baked especially for him. But to his surprise, when Anansi arrives at the palace, he discovers that Turtle is already there. It's also his birthday today. When it's finally time for cake, only a tiny pastry is brought in. Anansi would rather draw lots for the entire cake than share it fairly with Tortoise. But is that really so smart?

Author: Iven Cudogham
Illustrator: Moldybryd Studio
Publisher: Gottmer
Binding: Hardcover
Age: 4+