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Mini Rodini - ADORED

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Product type
Bloodhound 3-pack socks
Roses 2-pack socks
Ritzrats 3-pack socks
Tracksuit trousersMINI RODINI - Track pants with elastic waist and stripe detailing in red with blue stripes
Stripe frill 1-pack socks
Leopard velvet flared trousersMINI RODINI - Leopard aop velvet flared trousers Faux fur jacket made from 100 % recycled polyester with a hidden zipper, two front pockets, dropped shoulders and elastic trims. Decorated with ears sewn onto the hood and an Adored embroidery in front.
Adored teeAdored tee
Mini Rodini
Adored tee Sale price$35.28
Leopard velvet blazerMINI RODINI - Leopard print velvet aop velvet blazer with green lining
Jewels 1-pack leggingsMINI RODINI - Knitted leggings in black with gem print and yellow with rose print
Bloodhound sweatpantsMINI RODINI - Bloodhound - young child wearing tracksuit with bloodhound dog illustrations with red blue and green stripes
Camo velour trousersMINI RODINI - Camo aop velour trousers in green camouflage print and brown zip up tracksuit top with yellow stripe
Jewels application sweatshirtJewels application sweatshirt
Bloodhound zip hoodieMINI RODINI - BLOODHOUND AOP ZIP HOODIE with dog illustrations, red hat with hello and faux fur jacket
Tracksuit jacketCollared track jacket with stripe detailing in red with mouse logo with child wearing a hat with hello word
Mini Rodini
Tracksuit jacket Sale price$108.04
Adored faux fur hooded jacketADORED FAUX FUR HOODED JACKET - faux fur hooded jacket in tan with bear ears hood and  green lining
MINI RODINI - Relaxed fit sweatshirt with panel detailing in blue with black mouse printRitzrats baby sweatshirt
Ritzrats dressRitzrats dress
Mini Rodini
Ritzrats dress Sale price$68.35
Camo velour dressMINI RODINI - velour green camouflage print dress with white tights and yellow socks and trainers
Roses woven frill dressMINI RODINI - Woven longsleeve purple dress with pink rose print frill detailing
Roses baby setBaby set with trousers and and a bodysuit in grey and pink rose print
Mini Rodini
Roses baby set Sale price$72.76
Guitar Longsleeve BodysuitGuitar Longsleeve Bodysuit
Ritzrats jumpsuit babyBaby jumpsuit with a rounded collar and puffed sleeves in green with mouse print
Ritzrats baby sweatpantsRitzrats baby sweatpants
Guitar leggingsGuitar leggings
Mini Rodini
Guitar leggings Sale price$35.28
Sweatpants with panel detailing and elastic trimsRitzrats sweatpants
Guitar Longsleeve T-ShirtGuitar Longsleeve T-Shirt
Ritzratz Long Sleeve T-ShirtRitzratz Long Sleeve T-Shirt
Relaxed fit sweatshirt with panel detailingRitzrats sweatshirt
Adored sweatshirtADORED SP SWEATSHIRT - Mini Rodini sweater in black with ADORED written across the front with red and green stripes
Roses Woven ShirtMINI RODINI - Woven short sleeve shirt with cuban collar in purple with pink rose print