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Oli & Carol

Playful by nature, safe by design. Dive into a world of sustainable and toxin-free rubber toys that captivate both infants and toddlers. The products are more than just playthings; they're companions on the journey of early development. With a commitment to eco-friendly practices and chic design, Oli & Carol brings joy to bath time, teething, and sensory exploration. Embrace a world of natural, safe, and irresistibly charming toys for your little ones with Oli & Carol.

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Product type
Ramona the RadishRamona the Radish
Theo the TulipTheo the Tulip
Oli & Carol
Theo the Tulip Sale price$19.80
Grape Rattle ToyGrape Rattle Toy
Oli & Carol
Grape Rattle Toy Sale price$25.34
Cathy the Carrot Mini Doudou TeetherCathy the Carrot Mini Doudou Teether
Artichoke Rattle ToyArtichoke Rattle Toy
Brucy the BroccoliBrucy the Broccoli
Ramona the Radish Mini Doudou TeetherRamona the Radish Mini Doudou Teether
Keiko the EdamameKeiko the Edamame
Orange Baby BallOrange Baby Ball
Oli & Carol
Orange Baby Ball Sale price$22.02
Tomato Baby BallTomato Baby Ball
Oli & Carol
Tomato Baby Ball Sale price$22.02
Ana BananaAna Banana
Oli & Carol
Ana Banana Sale price$22.02
Spotty the MushroomSpotty the Mushroom
Sun the SunflowerSun the Sunflower
Pepa the ApplePepa the Apple
Oli & Carol
Pepa the Apple Sale price$22.02
Wally the WatermelonWally the Watermelon
Valery the RaspberryValery the Raspberry
Renato the TomatoRenato the Tomato
Corn Rattle ToyCorn Rattle Toy
Oli & Carol
Corn Rattle Toy Sale price$25.34
Fucsia the DragonfruitFucsia the Dragonfruit